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August is lying on her bed studying for Math, when her step sister, Janice comes in and wants to have some fun. August being a good girl, tells Janice that she needs to study. August takes a break to write in her diary, revealing she’s extremely happy she has Janice as a sister, but admits their personalities clash and sometimes, it feels like murphy’s law. Her sister new friend Carmen is a bad influence on Janice, but August can’t do anything except stay true to herself and be a good girl. Carmen Caliente shows up to their house ready to party since Janice and August parents are gone for the weekend, but August promised her mom there would be no parties while they are gone. It looks like August will have to put a stop to their party plans before things get out of hand!

Carmen, figuring out what would be her best strategy to infiltrate and stop this so-called party her sister and Carmen are going to have, decides that in order to do so, she’ll have to be one of them …a bad girl. She pretends that she needs help with what to wear for this outdoor party they were planning on attending. August, using her sweet charm, diverts their attention away from the whole party with her initiating some fun time in their parents bed.

August takes off her shirt, where she wants to practice what they did the last time they were alone. The two sisters kiss, and Carmen wanting in on the action takes off August’s underwear. Carmen joins the fun, kissing August breasts. The two friends ease their way to Augusts pussy rubbing it simultaneously. All three take turns tribbing and eating each other’s shaved flowers until they all have intense orgasms. Will they still have time to the party, or stay home like August planned?